Our work.

We help industrial customers obtain cheap and green process heat for their industrial plants. If your business has a large-volume heat consumption, we can help you to lower your energy costs and at the same time, lower your CO2 emissions. In many cases, our solutions offer the cheapest source of thermal energy – also compared to fossil fuels.

Jorgensen Thermal Solutions believe that energy installations should be of high quality and as simple as possible. This is the way that you obtain an installation that will provide you with process heat for many years in a way that is economical and reliable.

We provide state-of-the-art engineering solutions, especially for large scale solar thermal systems, but also for industrial heating installations in general.

Jorgensen Thermal Solutions has developed concepts that make high quality heating installations cheaper and simpler.

We can ship our solutions all over the world.

About us.

Jorgensen Thermal Solutions is a globally oriented engineering company based in Viborg, Denmark. The company was established in 2020 by Flemming Jørgensen who has been working since 2006 in renewable energy. The company was established to support the renewable heating equipment suppliers with solutions that combine high quality and reliability with low cost. Renewable energy solutions need to comply with these three things in order to make a difference in the green energy transition that society is facing.

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